Officiant Agreement

Tighe the Knot with Hannah Officiant Agreement


Contract for Wedding Officiant Services

A non-refundable payment of $300 is required to reserve a date and time and to contract work on creating the ceremony.  The contract balance must be paid before the ceremony takes place (Venmo, cash, or check). Hannah Tighe will provide the following services for $300, under the terms of this agreement.


  • Unlimited hours of phone and/or email consultation with couple to discuss ceremony details.  

  • I will arrive 1 hour prior to the scheduled ceremony time. 

  • The couple may use my likeness in any photographs, videos, or other recording media in any manner for any purpose they wish. Likewise, the couple gives permission to Hannah Tighe to use their likeness in at least one photograph for marketing purposes. 

       Note: I will provide the following additional services for the fees listed below, under the terms of this agreement. 

  • One hour for a rehearsal the day before the ceremony, $75. 


Cancellation of Services 

In the event that the officiant is unable to perform the ceremony due to illness, hospitalization, family emergency, transportation breakdown, or any other unforeseeable causes, she will make every possible attempt to notify the couple. The couple will receive a full refund for all pre-paid services, and couple agrees that the officiant will NOT be held liable for any damages (including punitive) due to the non-performance of the ceremony. If the couple cancels services after the couple and officiant have had a consultation and a draft of the ceremony has been presented to the couple, 100% of the total amount of this contract (minus travel and rehearsal fees) must be paid to the officiant. If the ceremony draft has not been presented to the couple, but consultation has taken place, 75% of the total amount of this contract must be paid to the officiant. Cancellations within 14 calendar days of the wedding date require payment of the full contract (minus travel and rehearsal fees).


Wedding Date Change 

If you need to change your wedding date or time, and the officiant is available on the new date, the couple will be charged a $25 change fee. If the officiant is unable to officiate the ceremony on the new date, and consultation has taken place, and the couple has received a draft of the ceremony, the full contracted amount is due to the officiant (minus travel and rehearsal fees). 


Marriage License 

For a legal marriage to take place, the couple must obtain a valid marriage license in the state where the ceremony will take place. The marriage license needs to be presented to the officiant BEFORE the ceremony. Failure to have a valid license means that the officiant cannot perform a legal marriage ceremony. Two adult witnesses are also required to be present. The officiant will file the license with the appropriate clerk’s office within 7 days of the wedding ceremony.


This agreement is valid for the wedding service for the place and date stated above. If the couple changes the time or date of the scheduled ceremony without the Officiant’s consent, the Officiant reserves the right to cancel the performance of the ceremony, and shall in no way be held responsible or liable in any manner for such non-performance. The couple accepts responsibility for purchasing items needed to perform the ceremony (unity candles, sand, roses, etc.) unless previously stated. This agreement and any attachments constitute the entire agreement between the parties and may not be modified except in writing signed by both parties. No other representation or promises have been made except those that are set out in this agreement stated above.